In between taking questions from MTV’s Rob Markman and assorted fans in the audience, 50 Cent previewed select songs from “Animal Ambition”.

One of the highlights from the five-song selection was “Smoke,” a club-primed sex romp featuring Trey Songz and produced by Dr. Dr Dre and Dawaun Parker.

Markman joked that someone would have his shirt off in the video and Fifty countered that it would probably be both him and Trey. Despite grody references to running trains, the metaphors employed here felt a little bit less gauche than they do on “Candy Shop” or “Amusement Park,” perhaps because the you’re-so-hot-you-set-the-place-on-fire trope is a little bit less hokey. Or, maybe putting Trey on your song guarantees you’ll sound a little bit less loopy with your similes.

But Dr. Dre’s thick drums are what really make it bang. Fif and Dre have always had a way of finessing superlative performances from themselves while working together, and this is no exception.

Animal Ambition is out June 3 via Caroline/Capitol.

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