I saw him about a few months ago. Well, when I was in the studio, he was workin’ on a new Eminem song [from MMLP2]. I heard something for Detox, but that was three years ago. They were great tracks, but you know, I don’t know if he really wants to put it out or…he’s such a perfectionist that if it ain’t perfect, it ain’t gonna be out. So I don’t know, and he doesn’t have to put it out. There’s no need to.

DJ Yella discusses his early musical influences, the rise and fall of Ruthless Records following the acrimonious departure of Dr. Dre, and tells us why he never jumped from the sinking ship when asked by his fellow co-producer to follow him to Death Row, as well as what’s around the corner for Hip Hop’s very own fifth Beatle.

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