50 Cent is more than just a jack-of-all-trades business mogul. He has transformed into a mainstream brand embraced by millions thanks impart to his “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” credo and numerous ventures. No stranger to making noise on the financial or social media front, the multi-platinum rapper has been going hard on the promotional front over the past two years for his headphone company, SMS Audio, which also has producer Timbaland onboard as an equity owner.

His latest stop on the promotional trail would be the year’s biggest tech expo: CES 2014. Complex caught up with Curtis in Las Vegas to discuss a number of topics: including his company’s new line of headphones, “goofy” hi-tech eyewear, G-Unit’s status as a collective, and of course, our plea to have Pharrell produce his next LP.

So is Street King Immortal still on deck as your next music project?

There’s an album I am putting out before Street King Immortal. The title is called Animal Ambition. It’s an untamed desire to win. The record is overall about prosperity, ambition, and has an entrepreneurial energy—it’s all from a distorted perspective. I just been really excited about the concept, been writing and had a lot of time to create material for the release because it’s taken so long.

So when you listen the record, you’ll see it because I told you it, it’s about ambition. If I didn’t say that, you wouldn’t listen to the record and say what’s that song called? Cause when Biggie was saying, “Damn, niggas wanna stick me for my paper,” that’s writing prosperity, but the effects of it from others. Jealousy is created from you moving forward. I wrote it from a lot of different angles in order to create an album with all the facets I was comfortable with so it could all have one thing.

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