50 Cent On Kendrick Lamar: “There’s A Huge Difference In The Two Of Us”

XXL caught up with 50 Cent while celebrating the release of his new SMS headphones at Henri Bendell in NYC. Chatting with the Queens MC about the state of his current endeavors as well as other happenings in hip-hop, 50 held no bars when it came to the topics pondered. Giving the status of his forthcoming album, his thoughts on Kendrick Lamar, the Kanye rants, and his new SMS products; the mogul is not lying when he says he truly entails that Animal Ambition.

“I love Kendrick. Obviously there is a huge difference in the two of us, in our characters, and the way we present ourselves ’cause to me he possesses the ability to appear like he didn’t know this was going to happen. There’s a level of confidence required for you to withstand the level of doubt, and I had so much doubt prior to it actually working for me, that I would appear at points a little arrogant. Like, ‘I knew it was going to work, because it took you so long to figure it out. I told you it was hot.’ And Kendrick will give you that energy that’s like, ‘This is great. This is really happening.’ Every time I’m around him, that’s what it feels like.”

Watch the full interview below.

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