“I always write, and I probably always will. Whatever point I decide I am going put the mic down or whatever happens like that, I always think I want something to do with the music.”

Eminem sits down with Zane Lowe for the BBC’s Radio 1.

He speaks on his MMLP2 album, his decision to do a sequel album and many more.

“I’m able to be more focused now than I’ve ever been. But I’m also able to put in perspective. The problem is I can’t put a lot in perspective, because there’s a lot that … there’s a lot that I don’t remember. There’s so many addicts in this world, and people who have problems like that, that don’t make it. So I’m thankful for that. I think that’s one thing that really helps me through, and keeps me pushing forward is the music, and the passion for that.”

Watch part 1 and 2 below and check out his performance of “Berzerk” live for BBC Radio 1.

Eminem’s eighth studio album — The Marshall Mathers LP 2 — was released in early November.

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