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Eminem has lived and died by division. Some people love his verbal Molotov cocktails, which have set fire to everyone from his friends and family to B-list celebrities and anyone else he sees fit to lyrically destroy over the past 14 years. Others find him reductive, repetitive, mired in his own misery and not immune to bouts of homophobia and sexism.

Those opposite ends of the spectrum pop up time-and-again in reviews of Em’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2
, the sequel to his landmark 2000 smash. While reviewers can’t help but give him props for the intense speed flow on “Rap God,” they also can’t help but get tripped up by the use of anti-gay slurs on that song and others on the album.

A number were happy to see him reunite with Rihanna for “The Monster,” but a bit disappointed at how little new ground the duo’s latest collabo covers. Ditto for Kendrick Lamar’s verse on “Love Game,” the only rap feature on the collection. And while Rick Rubin’s hard-rock goosing of “Berzerk” drew hails from some critics, a few tagged it as one of several songs on the album that are propped up on classic rock samples that feel dated.

Eminem talked with Sway about Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna and his album. Watch the videos below.

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Em says that while he was compiling tracks for his album he realized that he had no features, and Kendrick was a perfect fit.

Eminem tapped Rihanna for ‘Monster’, because they’re both ‘A Little Nuts’. “That’s one of the things I was telling her in making the record,” says Eminem. “I think people look at us a little crazy.”