DJ Khalil says that he did not hear the finished version of “Survival” until after the record leaked.

During an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Los Angeles, California-producer DJ Khalil detailed the creation of “Survival,” a cut from Eminem’s eighth studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

DJ Khalil says that although he crafted the beat and hook for “Survival” more than 18 months ago, he did not hear the finished product until the song leaked earlier this year.

“[Eminem’s] been working on [The Marshall Mathers LP 2] for a minute,” DJ Khalil says. “I’m always sending him records, especially stuff that really fits him and what he’s trying to do creatively. I don’t just send him tons of beats, but I’ll try to craft certain things that I think he’ll like. I try to send him records with concepts because it’s [Eminem]. He’s an incredible songwriter.

“I hadn’t heard ‘Survival’ until [it was released],” Khalil continues. “I talked to him. We spoke about the record because we had to mix it. He was in his studio in Detroit, [Michigan] and I’m in L.A. so we talked about the record. The first time I heard it was when they leaked it.”

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